ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger – 25 Tea Bags


Refreshing and delicious
Boosts stamina
Strengthens immunity

The Tea Trove Moroccan Mint Tea Bags | Green Tea Blended with Natural Chamomile Spearmint and Peppermint for Destress…



The Tea Trove’s Moroccan Mint tea is a perfect mingle between Green Tea, Chamomile, peppermint and Spearmint that will give you both a sweet and a refreshing mint taste. It is a delicious combination of Mint Tea, Chamomile Tea, Peppermint Tea, Mint Leaves, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Green Tea with Mint, Spearmint Tea in one cup.


The Tea Trove’s quality teas come in convenient tea bags for the perfect brewing every time. Individually wrapped tea bags ensure your tea is fresh, every time. It helps as immunity booster, preventing morning sickness, stress reliever, maintaining BP & improving digestion.

How to Brew:

1 tsp|6fl oz filtered O2 rich water|85C-90C|steep 4 min|milk not recommended|feel free to add a squeeze of lemon or a tsp of sugar|recommended number of steep -2. How to Store: You can store tea upto 12 months in a Dry, Cool place, away from direct sunlight”

First Bud Organics Detox Green Tea 100 gm -25 Days and Night Combo Detox Tea- Desi Kahwa Green tea and Skin Glow With…


DAYTIME TEA – Boosts Energy & Metabolism : Morning Detox Tea with high anti oxidants provides extra energy and encourage the body to fight with free radicals.
EVENING TEA – Helps In Cleansing the Body and makes you feel active.
Daytime Ingredients – Green Tea, Mint, Cinnamon, Licorice, Rooibos, Tulsi, Gymnema Sylvestor, Moringa, Lemongrass, Ginger, Ashwgandha, Turmeric, Fennel, Pipli, Cardamom, Jasmine

Dharmsala Tea Company Himalayan Black Orthodox Tea (100 gm Tin) – 50 Cups



Himalayan black orthodox loose leaf tea is a fully oxidized tea, with rich, strong flavor and a golden bright colour. Every sip of this smooth liquor is marked by a pleasing aroma and strong taste. Made with 100% natural ingredients


Black orthodox tea (Whole Leaf)

Freshly packed

Our black tea leaves are hand plucked by tea pluckers who are experts at hand-selecting the freshest tea leaves for their texture and their purity. Our tea is freshly packed within 1 day of plucking, so that you can experience the rich flavor and unique aroma of our tea.

Health benefits

Drink this cup of tea to make yourself active and energetic. Rich in antioxidants that energize and awaken the senses, improve focus, relieve stress, strengthen bone density, and stimulate metabolism

The Indian Chai – Anti Diabetic Tea 200g with Gymnemma Sylvestre, Giloy, Bitter melon, Jamun Seed etc for Regulating…


PRO-DIA TEA helps in both normalizing as well as regulating the blood sugar level in the body.
SAFE DRINKING TEA: It works parallel with the other medicines that the patient may be taking to control diabetes. In fact, it will enhance the effectiveness of the other therapies if taken in conjunction.
STRENGTHENS Immunity & Liver Function, REJUVENATES body and mind

The Indian Chai – Ayurvedic CTC Herbal Tea 100g Blended with Sonth, Mulethi, Elaichi, Indian Ginseng, Tulsi, Brahmi and…


Ayurvedic CTC Herbal Tea comes with an unmatched natural aroma and flavour, so you can be sure you always get that extraordinary cup that cheers.
A healing combination of brahmi, holy basil leaves, mulethi and Ashwagandha root blended with fresh ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to make for a delicious & refreshing cup of herbal tea
Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, has a wide range of health benefits, including its ability to fight diabetes, as well as many.

The Indian Chai – Kerala Masala Chai 100g with Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Peppermint Leaves…


HELP IN CHOLESTEROL LEVEL REDUCTION: Regular consumption of this tea may burn the unwanted cholesterol in your body and will make you live an energetic life.
HELPS IN FIGHTING TOOTH DECAY: An anti-oxidant “catechin” in tea destroys the bacteria and viruses that result in dental and throat problems.
AIDS DIGESTION: Coriander seeds, Fennel Seed, Peppermint and Lemongrass help in healthy digestion.

The Indian Chai – Organic Rosemary leaves 100g



Wash fresh leaves in cold running water or rinse for few minutes to remove any dirt. In order to keep the fragrance and flavor intact, the herb is generally added to cooking recipes at the last moments, since prolonged cooking would result in the evaporation of its essential oils.


Rosemary herb extractions when applied over the scalp known to stimulate the hair-bulbs and help prevent premature baldness. A strong infusion of Rosemary and Nettle leaf is an excellent herbal rinse for hair and can help get rid of dandruff and speed hair growth when used after each washing


Rosemary tea is a warming and delicious. Boil some water in a kettle or in a saucepan on the stove. Place a sprig of dried rosemary into a teapot and fill the pot with boiling water. Let the tea steep for three to five minutes. You can also add a wedge of lemon to the tea as well.

The Indian Chai – Detoxifying Mint Tea 100g with Spearmint, Peppermint, Ginger, Fennel etc for Digestion, Prevents gas…


This combination of aromatic herbs and bright mint is unlike any other tea you’ve tasted.
Mint cools the body, chills the mind, gently aids digestion, and-when taken with regularity-may offer relief to various forms of inflammation, including headaches and arthritis.
It specifically aids with digestion and absorption of nutrients and has a relaxing anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach. Try this truly delicious blend today.

The Indian Chai – Organic Peppermint Tea Leaves 100g for Digestion, Sleep, Stress & Immunity


AIDS IN DIGESTION: Peppermint leaves relax the digestive tract and promote proper bile flow, two actions that keep your digestive system functioning at optimal levels.
PROMOTES SLEEP: Having a warm cup of peppermint tea before bed can help improve sleep, thanks to the menthol in the leaves, which allows the muscles in the body to relax.
RELIEVES STRESS:  The menthol in peppermint leaves is a muscle relaxant and a sedative. Drinking a cup of this herbal infusion promotes overall body and mind relaxation. It can also reduce blood pressure because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Chamomile Tea (7.05oz/ 200g) | Certified Organic | Detox Tea – Calming Tisane – Herbal Tea – Caffeine Free…


IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY: Chamomile naturally relaxes the nervous system, which not only aids against insomnia, but also improves sleep quality. With organic whole chamomile flowers, you can get a better full night sleep!
CALM AN UPSET STOMACH: If you suffer from a stomach ache, it’s best to treat it with a natural solution! Organic chamomile tea is the best solution for stomach pain or even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Drinking this sweet chamomile tea to boost your immune system can prevent illness and bolster your defense against sickness. This is the perfect soothing drink to prevent you from becoming ill during those cold winter months!

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