The Tea Trove Organic Lemon Grass Leaves (100 gm) dried for Tea and cooking | Cut & Sifted | Steep as Hot dried lemon…


Lemongrass Leaves – a flavorful herb used for cooking and tea, with a strong lemon flavor with a deep mint tone. It is also used to make Lemongrass paste and as an important ingredient of many eastern seasonings.
A VERSATILE HERB – Lemongrass is not only a reliable seasoning for cooking, but it is also a great condiment and a staple in the making of skin care products and essential oils.
PACKED WITH NATURAL FLAVOR. Loose leaf lemongrass tea is full of pleasing and delicate aromas that compliment each other. This fresh, caffeine-free tea infusion has tangy and citrusy flavor undertones, with each sip you will taste the pure taste of fresh lemongrass.

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea 100gms(Pack of 2)


Detox And De-Stress With The Potent Combination Of Green And Tea And Tulsi
Known To Help In Respiratory Problems, Aids In Digestion, Reduces Mild Fever Conditions, Beats Stress
Can Be Beneficial In Treating Headaches, Healthy And Natural Weight Loss Enhancer And Many More

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