ITOS365 Handmade Wooden Tea Box for Tea Bags with 8 Equal Cabinets – 12 Inches


Length – 12 inches, Width – 4.5 inches, Height – 3 inches
900 grams
Functional and versatile to hold and organize any small accessories or store collections

Sorich Organics Tulsi Herbal Tea – 100g – Detox Tea Pure Ayurvedic Herbs for Immunity and Cholesterol


Tulsi have anti-bacterial properties; This is why, it prevents cold and flu; Strengthening immune system, tulsi boosts the energy level in the body
Tulsi is super digestive in its treatment; It keeps the body light, while reducing congestion in the body and keeping digestive system healthy
Known for its therapeutic powers, tulsi works as a major relaxant for the body; It gradually reduces anxiety, depression and hypertension

Jarved Turkish Teas from Istanbul Assorted Box: 5 Flavorful Leaf teas (5 Flavors, 3X5g Each, Total 75gm)


Appearance- Colorful blend of Black Tea with Cinnamon and Coconut shreds | Aroma- Strong with soothing herbs | Taste- Bold and Expressive
The superb mocktail of coconut, cinnamon and black tea renders coolness and calms your mind; Make it your companion for the day and coconut delight will never disappoint you.
All our blends are curated by expert tea tasters who have a strong sense of flavors and aroma.

RR Agro Foods 100% Natural Dry Hibiscus Flower Tea 1 KG Used for Iced Tea Cocktails, Mocktail & Syrups Pack of (1 KG)


DELICIOUS: Hibiscus Tea is a delicious nutritional retreat for your body and taste buds. Bursting with antioxidants, Hibiscus Tea supports immune, heart and digestive health and also aids weight management and a more relaxed emotional state.
ANTIOXIDANTS: Hibiscus Tea contains powerful antioxidants including flavonoids and anthocyanins that have a range of health benefits. It is also high in Vitamin A and especially Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid), and boasts a healthy amount of iron.
ANTIBACTERIAL: Hibiscus Tea helps to naturally purify the body in several ways. First, with antibacterial capabilities, it fights off pathogens that enter the bloodstream and digestive tract and supports a strong immune system. It also relaxes the digestive system to reduce stomach spasms, cramping and discomfort.

VEDA MAXX 100% Natural & Organic Green Tea Extract 800mg Capsules for Fast weight loss, Increasing Stamina, Stronger…


VEDA MAXX Green Tea 500 mg Pack of 1 Contain 60 Capsules.
Advanced Green Tea Supplement For The Best Weight Loss Results: Asian Cultures Have Long Respected The Power Of Green Tea To Enhance Overall Health And Maintain A Lean Stomach. Found In Many Fat Burner And Diet Formulas, Green Tea Has The Power To Provide A Gentle Metabolism Boost And Give You A Little Extra Energy Too. It’S Also Heart Healthy And Boasts Essential Benefits For Women And Men Alike
Embrace the Benefits Offered by EGCG: The EGCG found in our Green Tea Extract is a known powerhouse against both free radicals and ageing. Safe and effective for both men and women, it can help you feel and look younger.

Rawmest Arjuna bark for Cholesterol Reduction & High Blood Pressure | 200 gm (Pack of 3)

Arjuna Bark is also used for an ulcer, diabetes, and cancer treatments.
Arjuna Bark strengthens the heart and myocardium (cardiac muscles).
Arjuna Bark is mainly used for heart diseases and as a heart tonic.

FARGANIC Rainkrop Green Coffee Beans Powder Made with Arabica Green Coffee Beans Cultivated with Natural Rain Water (300…


🌱RainKrop:- All rainkrop products are organic and ethically-sourced from wild forest & high mountains crops cultivated from natural rain water with controlled organic farming practices with an exceptionally high nutritional value
🌱High Mountains: Rankrop Green Coffee bean powder is made with arabica coffee beans cultivated with natural rain water in high mountains
🌱More Oxygen More Nutrition: All products cultivated with natural rain water have more oxygen and having more nutrition values compared to ground water farming.

N2B Green Coffee Beans Powder for Weight Loss 30 sachets, 3g each per box – (Pack of 3)


✔ PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS AND BURN EXTRA FAT: Our N2B natural green coffee bean POWDER for weight loss will help boost your metabolism, thereby helping you burn fat & keep the pounds off your body.
✔ ANTI-AGING ABILITIES: N2B green coffee bean powder contains a unique antioxidant called polyphenol chlorogenic acids or CGAs which offers excellent anti-aging effects. The chlorogenic acid in the seeds was found to improve skin properties and microcirculatory function in humans. Ingestion of the beans decreased skin dryness and transepidermal water loss and improved skin surface pH levels. Consuming chlorogenic acid for eight weeks also improved skin hydration.
✔ IMPROVES ENERGY LEVELS: Green Coffee Beans Powder can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter. Green Coffee can help people feel less tired and increase energy levels. That’s because it contains a stimulant called caffeine. Caffeine increases the release of catecholamines (such as adrenaline) via the sympathetic nervous system resulting in release of more energy.

Arena Organica Natural Organic Lemongrass Leaves Patta Pack of 4 15gm Each


Arena Organica Natural Organic Lemongrass Leaves Patta Pack of 4 15gm Each
All Our Products Have Been Extracted From The Himalayas. The Products Are Pure Organic, Unpolished.
Form: Dry; QUANTITY: Pack of 4 (15 gm each)

Sattvic Foods Pure Hibiscus Flowers Herbal Tea, 30 g


Our Hibiscus tea sourced from Kashmir is a tangy delicious relaxing nutrient filled retreat for your mind and body It has a luscious red color
Caffeine Free Low in Calories Helps in calming the mind and body
Hibiscus tea can help regulate blood sugar levels making it a beverage of choice for diabetics

Organic India Tulsi Tummy 25 Tea Bags


Manufacturer :- Organic India
Indications: – delicious and effective blend of soothing, healing herbs calms the stomach and supports healthy digestion, Uplift mood
Dosage: – 1 infusion bag to be infused in 120 ml hot boiling water for one time use, and to be taken 2-3 times daily

Teabox Chamomile Green Tea Bags 25 pcs | For Stress Relief & Good Sleep | Made with 100% Whole Leaf & Natural Chamomile…


About OnlyLeaf: OnlyLeaf offers the highest grade whole leaf green teas without dust or fannings and is blended with 100% natural ingredients for a smoother green tea experience with no bitterness
Health Benefits: A botanical that is consumed for several health conditions, Chamomile is naturally rich in antioxidants; Blended with green tea, its soothing properties help to reduce stress, best for a good night’s sleep and aids digestion too
Box Includes: 25 green tea bags of 2 grams each, along with 2 free exotic samples, having a shelf life of 2 years, with ingredients enclosed in staple-free, food-grade, and fine mesh pyramid tea bags, allowing them to open up and infuse better

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