Amazon Brand Vedaka Green Tea, Natural, 100 Bags


All Vedaka products are hygienically packed and undergo rigorous and stringent laboratory tests to meet food safety norms.

ZingySip Almond Tea Powder Natural Flavoured Instant Tea Pack,Natural Almond Tea Flavor 100% Natural No More Boiling or Dipping is Required(50-65cups)


ZINGYSIP introduce 1st Time in India Almond Tea in instant soluble actual Almond Tea which dissolve in hot water within second with full intensity & have refreshing aroma. Unlike other Leaf based which needs Brewing or dip for few minutes yet intensity never be full. Natural Flavours blending…

Original Korean Ginseng Tea 0.1oz(3g) 50 Packets – 0.105oz(3g) x 50 Bags

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • This Korean ginseng tea is manufactured as a granular form available to meet users taste.
  • This is highly well made from extract of korean ginseng, the specialty of the republic of korea.
  • Provides energy and prevents fatigue
  • Purifies the blood of toxins
  • Original Korean Ginseng Tea 0.1oz(3g) 100 Packets – 0.105oz(3g) x 100 Bags

Randomgrounds Bamboo Tea Box Storage Organizer, Taller Size Holds 120+ Standing or Flat Tea Bags, 8 Adjustable Tea Chest…


IDEAL SIZE BAMBOO TEA BOX: Taller than standard size tea boxes to accommodate standing/vertical or flat/horizontal tea bag placement with room to fill the tea box completely and close the lid without
SPACE SAVING TEA BOX ORGANIZER: Not too big, not too small, just the right size wooden tea box to store and organize all your favorite tea bags in one convenient place; save space and replace cardboar
EASY TO USE TEA STORAGE BOX: Self-standing open lid position for easy tea bag selection; see tea bags while lid is closed with shatterproof transparent acrylic top; keep tea bags fresh and tea contain

M S (Set of 2) Mini Lovely Oval Shape Storage Box with Key Chain,Cute Metal Box for Candy Tea, Tin Boxes-


Function: Suitable for Jewelry, Mint, Candy, Card, Coin, Tea, Medicine, Cake, Food, Ring, Stationery…. or other small Product Packing
Pack of 2 Pcs beautiful oval design tin boxes with Keyring

Oval Shape Size: about 5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2cm

UniqueKrafts Brass Leaf Handmade Wooden Tea Box for TeaBags with 8 Equal Cabinets (12x4inch)


Material: Wood; Color: Brown; Finish: Enamel
Length – 7.5 * 30 * 12 Weight: 940
Functional and versatile to hold and organize any small accessories or store collections

Octavius Assortment of Fine Black & Green Teas in Dark Wood Caddy Gift Box – 90 Teabags


Teabags assortment for tea lovers
Perfect gift for tea lovers
Sip-it-fresh every time – each tea bag is individually sealed to preserve the flavour, fragrance and colour of the fresh leaf, resulting in an appetising cup of tea

Jarved Turkish Delight Tea: Chamomile, Hibiscus and Rose | 75 g | Makes 30 cups


Grade: Organic Dried Hibiscus Herbal Flowers
Hibiscus tea is packed with flavanoids and antioxidants. Helps de-stress and has a sweet sour flavor profile.
How to make Iced Tea?-Follow the brew guide. Put the finished tea over iced cubes or refrigerate for 2 hours before consuming.

Kayos Himalayan Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea, 100 G

  • Supports kidney health
  • Supports joints health
  • Helps flush toxins
  • Promote skin health

Greenbrrew Instant Green Coffee (Natural, Lemon and Strong) Flavor – 20 Servings Per Pack (Easy to Use)

  • Greenbrrew green coffee for weight loss, boosts metabolism (consume at-least twice daily)
  • Instant green coffee, easy to use: Just dissolve in boiling water and consume
  • Contains anti-oxidants and has anti ageing effects

GRUNER Green Coffee Beans Powder For Weight Loss With Immunity Booster Natural Ingredients | Organic Unroasted Premium…


Gruner Natural Green Coffee Beans are premium Arabica unroasted green coffee beans, which helps to boosts metabolism, immunity and has a great contents of antioxidants which posses anti-ageing properties.

The antioxidants rich green coffee beans improves energy levels and promotes overall wellness. You can drink Green Coffee beverage Before Lunch or as suggested by healthcare professional/Nutritionist. Natural Green Coffee Beans Powder is made from premium Arabica unroasted green coffee beans, which boosts metabolism, immunity and Detoxify the body.

100% Natural Beneficial in Weight Loss: Gruner Green Coffee is naturally rich in Chlorogenic Acid which helps to burn the belly fat, excess fat and in the weight management.Quantity: 30 Sachet ( Each 3 gm Sachet ).

TGL Co. Kadak Masala Chai Tea, 16 Tea Bags



Our Pure Masala Chai blend is made with Premium Pure Assam CTC tea mixed with dry rich spices that include Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves and Black pepper and Bay Leaves.


Ginger – Aids digestion and is effective in curing cold, flu and body aches. Cinnamon – Helps cure indigestion, heartburn and lowers blood pressure. Clove – An energizing herb, cloves are an effective stimulant and aromatic for the lungs and stomach. Cardamom – Cures indigestion and other digestive problems. Pepper – Antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


The tea is a ‘kadak’ blend of spices. It produces a strong flavour that awakens the taste buds and energizes the mind, Shelf Life: 365 Days, QUALITY : In an attempt to bring back the taste of ‘home’, we have produced a combination of herbs and spices to get an age old tradition of the Indian Chai in a pack. It can be relished at any time and consumed as an energizer! Storage instructions: Store in cool place and avoid direct sunlight

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