Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea, do you know the difference

Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea, do you know the difference?

Have you ever thought there are different teas depending on the time of the day and that each tea has its own benefits?

Morning Tea

Soon as the alarm goes off, there’s a battle we need to win every day – ‘THE WAKE-UP BATTLE’.. 😉

Most of us have a race to finish and win each day – at home or at work, we need to be on our toes from the time we wake up. The first beverage for a busy Indian is usually chai, while it has the ability to wake us up so we can be fully alert for the first few hours of your workday.

But it can also cause acidity, upset stomach and low metabolism if not had at the right time and with the perfect components.

  1. English tea as morning tea with breakfast

While the custom of drinking tea dates to millenniums ago in China, it is a popular beverage worldwide. English tea is one such tea that’s in demand all over the world especially with breakfast.

This is a pure black tea which is brewed for at least 10 minutes in boiling water. The concoction can then be mixed with sugar and milk although, it’s best had without any additives.

English tea is best suited with breakfast as it is a strong caffeine kick which goes to your mind and keeps it alert for the first few hours in the morning.

It is suggested the English tea/black tea you buy from market must be brewed along with freshly grated ginger root to enhance it’s benefits. Ginger is great for digestion and your gut health.

  1. Irish tea as morning tea with breakfast

Irish tea is a blend of several black teas and has a strong fragrance. Although it can be consumed all through the day, it is best had in the morning with breakfast to keep you focused throughout your day. Once brewed, the colour can be deep red or brown depending on the brand, flavour and the amount of tea leaves added in boiling water.

Due to its high caffeine content it is advised to be had with honey and a zest of lemon so it doesn’t release a bitter taste. However, dairy being highly consumed by Irish people, it is also had with fresh full fat milk.

  1. Indian Chai as morning tea with breakfast

Indians don’t wake up without the word ‘chai heard by them (at least most of us 😉).

Chai is an Indian version of tea. Authentic chai would have leaves from Assam added to boiling water along with cardamom or ginger root(grated), sugar and milk. This amazing concoction is best had in the morning to add flavour, taste and health to your breakfast. Although it is advisable to use minimal amount of sugar to maximize benefits of chai.

Due to cardamom or ginger (sometimes both) added to this tea it enhances the flavour and helps resolve digestion issues.

Pro tip: if you are going to add dairy to your morning tea or chai, ensure you add it in minimal quantity also, don’t brew it along with the tea leaves and other spices (if added). Milk boiled after a certain temperature with tea leaves & spices can cause acidity.

Afternoon Tea

Is there even a difference between a morning chai and an afternoon tea? Aren’t we supposed to consume the same type of tea the entire day?

The answer is a big NO. Would you eat the same meal the entire day? No right? We all consume different food for breakfast, lunch and dinner which is basically as per what our body needs during each time of the day. Similarly, our body needs different types of beverage all through the day.

Afternoons are usually the time when our energy levels drop, body stops making serotonin, endorphins and yes dopamine. This doesn’t happen to everyone but most of us. The reason for this is our monotonous sedentary lifestyle and the ‘fast’ food we consume. To ensure we are back to our morning ‘Happy Mood’, we need to pump our body with appropriate fuel.

  1. Green tea

Post lunch, around mid-afternoon it is advised to consume a cup of green tea to get your alertness back and your mind in a focused zone. You may consume flavoured green tea, detox green tea or simply the plain green tea available in the market.

The idea is to have your energy levels back and get you going through the rest of the day.

Be careful to not get carried away and overdose yourself with this beverage as it can get addictive due to its high caffeine levels.

  1. Infused tea

If you are not a green tea fan, you may try the new love for teas in the market ‘infused tea’, these can be consumed hot or cold and regardless give you the same result – Energy!!!

The various flavours available are turmeric – cinnamon, ginger-basil, cranberry, orange – mint and many more. The method to brew infused tea is the same as green tea however, these are caffeine free. For those who do not want the melanin in their skin to go higher because of excessive caffeine this tea is the best suited.

Our body needs different fluids to keep us going through the day, starting from water, juice to organic tea or coffee. We must ensure to have the right amount and the correct fluid during a particular time of the day.

Pro tip: Consume chamomile tea an hour before you sleep to experience a soothing, undisturbed sleep.