Three ways to use organic Assam tea this summer

Three Ways to Use Organic Assam Tea this Summer

Assam tea counts for one of the strongest black teas in the world. With robust malty flavor and high caffeine content it is usually drunk as a breakfast tea. But, Assam tea doesn’t need to be drunk in the usual way to get all the benefits it can offer.

Besides, if you like the taste of Assam, there is no better way to make your deserts and drinks more interesting and tasty. These ideas are great for garden parties or enjoying tea alone.

Organic tea will give you the best health benefits, boost your energy and offer an amazing full flavor. Check some of the ideas how you can use it during hot summer day.

Fresh Mint & Lemon Tea

Use 10 grams of organic Fresh Mint & Lemon Tea per 200 ml of water, brew it with hot water for 5-10 minutes, let it cool down a bit. Let it cool down in a fridge, fill a glass with ice cubs and top with tea. Serve immediately. It is important to make a stronger brew than you would normally, as some of the flavor will get lost when cooled down.

Suggested tea: Onlyleaf Fresh Mint & Lemon Tea Collections

Assam gin-tonic

You can use black tea to add flavor to alcohol like gin or vodka. Use around 400-500 ml of alcohol and add 3-5 organic Assam tea in teabags inside. Tight the cap of the bottle and let is soak overnight. Remove the bags in the morning. Cool down both gin and tonic for 2-3 hours. Add 60 ml of tea infused gin and top with 120-150 ml of tonic. Add few ice cubes and serve immediately.

Suggested tea: Organic Darjeeling Teabags

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