How to select and store Black Tea

How to Select and Store Black Tea

Apart from just being a lover of sipping Black Tea, it is also important to learn on sourcing the right type for you as well as storing it. So, this article is going to take you on a journey of the hills for selecting your favourite taste of Black Tea.

Best Quality

It is known that worldwide, black teas grown in Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiris rock the charts. People who are lovers of dark and strong black tea should choose Darjeeling Tea.

And if you’re the one who prefers a light one, then go for the ones made in spring or autumn as the flavor is mild at that time. One needs to buy long, very well-rolled and tippy leaves with silvery or golden tips as these are considered to be of superior quality.

Of course, you need to ensure that the dry leaves do not have any moisture or off-notes otherwise the taste and quality both will suffer. After purchasing the right kind of Black Tea, let us come to the storage part.

Storage of Black Tea

It is important to store these precious leaves gently, or else they may get spoilt as well as the taste too shall suffer. Following are important tips on storing your favourite Black Tea:


  • Avoid placing your Black Tea Leaves where there is sunlight as this will degrade the leaves by destroying the Vitamin C in them as well as bittering the taste.


  • For short term storage, you can opt for storing them in Iron tins which are airtight. But then this can be a short-term solution.


  • Organic Tea leaves are known to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, it is important to see to it that your Black Tea is moisture free or else it will be spoilt soon.


  • Keeping the tea at room temperature is advisable (around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius). But ensure that it isn’t exposed to any kind of light.


  • Ensure that your keep your tea away from spices, coffee or anything else with strong odor.


  • Store flavored tea separately. Don’t dump all the teas together in one box. Or else, they will absorb each other’s aroma.